Malibu East Condominiums

Malibu East Condominiums have been a staple in the Edgewater community for the past 30 years, providing luxury and comfort to all its residents.

Project Details

Completion Date

August 2018


Chicago, IL


Malibu East Condominiums

Resident safety is priority number one.

To ensure safety for its residents, management requested a new fire alarm system, along with upgrades to the existing elevators and elevator recall system.

The Solution

The scope of the project included:

  • Elevator upgrade / elevator recall system
  • Install new mainline disconnect switches for five elevators
  • 120-volt circuits for five elevators
  • New lights and GFI (Ground Fault Interrupting) receptacles for passenger elevator machine rooms and freight elevator machine rooms
  • New power for split system air conditioning units
  • Raceway for elevator status panel
  • Smoke detectors in hallways, hoistway, and machine rooms
  • 1- and 2-way voice communication fire alarm system
  • Installation of fire command panel
  • Installation of remote amplifier panel
  • Furnish and install new fire alarm risers in the stairwells
  • Installation of fire alarm voice evacuation speakers
  • Installation of firefighter telephone stations

The Result

The building has a complete new fire alarm and elevator upgrade system, they are in compliance with all of the city’s new requirements, and the building is dramatically safer for both residents and management. As part of this $250,000 project Sievert Electric also increased the speed of the elevator response time.