Lock and Dam 20

40t Crane and Bulkhead Lifter Repair

Project Details

Completion Date

September 2014


Rock Island, Illinois

Services Provided

Government Projects


USACE Rock Island District

40T Crane and Bulkhead Lifter Repair

  • Provided a new motor and brake for the bulkhead lifter.
  • Upgraded to VFD technology
  • Performed all the weld repairs
  • Sandblasted, painted, and reassembled the unit.
  • Performed load testing
  • Trained the government personnel.

The Solution

This one-of-a-kind piece of equipment was severely damaged in a storm. The unit consists of a 40T bulkhead lifter/traveling unit with a 40T Linkbelt crane on top. The combined weight of the unit is approximately 140,000 pounds. The unit blew off the tracks and dropped almost 15 feet off the end of the dam. We disassembled the pieces, inspected the unit to find out the extent of the damage, and developed a repair plan.