1350 N Lakeshore Drive

A luxury apartment community with state-of-the-art IP cameras integrated between its two 32-story high-rise buildings.

Project Details

Completion Date

August 2018


Chicago, IL


Draper and Kramer Incorporated

Integrating new security technology into existing systems

The management company for a high-rise building in downtown Chicago required an upgrade from their current CC camera system to a system using IP technology. This project encompassed two separate 32-story buildings, adjacent to each other, that share a common lower level, and mechanical equipment and storage rooms.

The solution

We installed fiber optics in each of the building risers to supply fast and reliable connections data transmission and furnished 1110-volt power to the system components. The installation of six IP cameras in each building provided full coverage of the entire deck. New IP cameras were set up to deliver highly detailed, full-color security footage, day and night. configuration of NVR (Network Video Recorder) software and data connections, so that building management could view all cameras remotelyIncorporate the buildings existing analog cameras along with the new IP technology

The Result

With a reliable indoor and outdoor IP camera system, property managers and security personnel can now remotely monitor cameras from virtually anywhere with any supported device. This system significantly increased the security and reliability of these high-rise apartment buildings’ camera systems.