Electric Jobsite Inspection Checklist

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Jobsite Hazards Awareness

1. Behavioral
2. 2 Minute Safety Drill

Personal Protective Equipment

1. Hard hats worn by all personnel in work areas?
2. Eye face and hearing protection worn as required?
3. Gloves worn when drilling, cutting or grinding?
4. Respiratory protection worn as required?
5. Safety harnesses and lanyards worn for fall protection?
6. Workers dressed properly for the job?
7. Personal protective equipment in good condition?
8. Safety supplies adequate for job manpower?


1. Walkways and stairs kept clear of material and debris?
2. Cords and hoses strung to prevent trip and fall hazard?
3. Are liquid spills cleaned up immediately?
4. Restrooms and eating areas clean?
5. Fabrication and work areas clean and orderly?
6. Site trailers and vaults clean and orderly?
7. Gang boxes clean and orderly?
8. Trash, scrap, and debris picked up and disposed of?

Materials handling & Storage

1. Materials stored in stacks or piles?
2. Loose materials containerized or palletized?
3. Aisle space maintained around stored materials?
4. Storage areas kept clear of scrap, debris, and trash?
5. Slings and chokers in good condition?
6. Chain falls and come-a-longs in good condition?
7. Cranes operated in a safe manner by operators?
8. Workers moved from under suspended load?
9. Workers know and use proper crane signals?
10. Crane hand signals posted on jobsite?
11. Workers attach tag lines to loads?
12. Hoisting hooks have safety latches?
13. Running cables inspected and in good condition?
14. Capacity limits marked on hoisting / rigging / equipment?


1. Power tools have guards in place?
2. Power tools either grounded or double insulated?
3. Power tool cords and plugs in good condition?

Electrical / Energy Control

1. Lockout / tagout procedures used properly?
2. Extension cords heavy duty, 3-wire type?
3. Temporary lights equipped with bulb guards?
4. Sufficient lighting to work and move safely?


1. Ladders inspected?
2. Straight ladders secured at top landing?
3. Straight ladders extend 36" above top landing?
4. Straight ladders have feet or blocked at bottom?
5. Straight ladders set up with a 4:1 slope?
6. Top step of stepladders not used as a step?
7. Workers using the proper height ladder for the job?


1. Preinspection completed?
2. Only trained employees allowed to operate manlifts?
3. Manlifts in good operating conditions?
4. Workers only allowed to work from floor of basket?
5. Are workers tied-off while in basket?
6. Only company employees allowed to operate manlifts?


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