ArcelorMittal-Burns Harbor, Indiana

  • Proprietary Card Access System Installation
  • Installation of Card Access System
  • Secure Electronic Card System Installation
  • Plant Security Upgrade

Camera and Card Access

Scope of Work

The company wanted to confirm employees entering and leaving the plant with cameras in conjunction with check-in and check-out systems. The company is an existing customer, and wanted a quote to install 20 + cameras, along with their proprietary card access system, to new indoor and outdoor locations in and around their steel plant.

The Solution

These are some of the services that Sievert Electric performed as part of the scope of the project:

  • Recommended and supplied the most appropriate cameras to meet the needs of the customer.
  • Supplied complete electrical service to each user station
  • Furnished the power, and also furnished the Ethernet network connection for IP cameras
  • Mapped all of the IP addresses for each of the 20 + cameras
  • Mounted all the equipment and hardware

The Result

Plant security was significantly improved, and so was worker productivity. After completion of this project, plant security asked management to install additional locations. A phase 2 project to install additional locations was developed and implemented.