1350 N Lakeshore Drive-Chicago, Illinois

  • Upgrade Camera Security System
  • IP Technology Camera System Upgrade
  • Building Surveillance System Installation
  • Installation of IP Camera System and Hardware
  • 1350 N Lakeshore Drive-Chicago, Illinois

New Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras

Scope of Work

The management company for a high rise building in downtown Chicago requested that Sievert Electric furnish and quote an upgrade to their current camera system to IP technology. This project encompassed two separate 32 story buildings, adjacent to each other, that share a common lower level, and mechanical equipment and storage rooms.

The Solution

These are some of services that Sievert Electric performed as part of the project:

  • Install fiber optics in each of the building risers
  • Install six IP cameras in each of the buildings for the proper coverage of the entire deck
  • Specialized cameras were needed to maintain proper light levels throughout the day
  • Selected equipment and hardware for the proper functionality of the cameras
  • Furnish the necessary 110 volt power for the equipment
  • Establish the particular configuration of NVR (Network Video Recorder) software and data connections, so that building management could view all cameras remotely
  • Incorporate the buildings existing analog cameras along with the new IP technology

The Result

Significantly increased the security and reliability of the high rise building's camera system.