1130 S Michigan Ave-Chicago, Illinois

  • Facility Upgrade Chicago Illinois
  • Electrical Equipment Upgrade Chicago Illinois
  • HVAC Equipment Chicago Illinois
  • Electrical Meter Equipment Chicago Illinois

Scope of Work

Building management at one of the multi-residential high rise buildings in downtown Chicago wanted to add washing machines and dryers in more than 600 apartment units. In addition they wanted to upgrade the electrical system in order to comply with the current electrical codes. A major constraint was that the building was fully occupied and we needed to coordinate shutdowns, so that it would cause minimal inconvenience to the tenants.

The Solution

Sievert Electric increased the capacity of the electrical infrastructure of the building. We played an integral role in the development of all the design and engineering work.

These are some of the enhancements that Sievert Electric performed as the prime contractor:

  • Two new 2400 amp services
  • New buss duct riser
  • New electrical distribution closets up and down the building
  • New meter closets up and down the building
  • Coordination of transferring existing tenant feeders to new meter centers
  • Coordination of HVAC work associated with the project
  • Coordination with Commonwealth Edison to change over services

The Result

Sievert Electric performed an electrical upgrade with minimal disturbance to the tenants. After this $3 million project, building management and Sievert Electric continue to work on additional projects.